IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Dresden Germany

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Dresden Germany

On 21 October Southern Innovation’s founder and Technical Director Paul Scoullar presented the SITORO┬« technology to an international gathering of the world’s leading electrical and electronics engineers. The venue was the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) annual Nuclear Science Symposium in Dresden, Germany which, this year, hosted over 2,000 delegates.

“This highly regarded conference was a fantastic opportunity for international exposure for Southern Innovation. Much like our previous conference presentations, the IEEE conference has generated strong licensing opportunities for our SITORO technology,” said Southern Innovation’s Managing Director David Scoullar.

According to David Scoullar, the niche technology sector has been somewhat immune to the effects of the international financial crisis – in fact it may even have received a boost. “We are finding that, in this difficult financial environment, we have significant interest in our technology from industry participants seeking a technical edge over their competitors,” he said.


About Southern Innovation:
Southern Innovation develops, markets and licenses patented pulse processing technologies for the rapid, accurate detection and measurement of radiation. The company was born out of research to review suitable technologies for the accurate and rapid detection of legacy landmines. Southern Innovation’s multi-award winning SITORO┬« technology provides a quantum leap in the efficiency of radiation detectors, with wide application in areas such as airport baggage screening, oil exploration, mineral analysis and the early detection of cancer. For more information contact