European Conference on X-Ray Spectrometry, Portugal

European Conference on X-Ray Spectrometry, Portugal

On 25 June Paul Scoullar presented Southern Innovation’s groundbreaking technology at the European Conference on X-Ray Spectrometry in Portugal.

Paul, Southern Innovation’s Technical Director, said he was delighted with the audience reaction when the SI team demonstrated output count-rates that were previously thought to be impossible whilst maintaining excellent spectral resolution.

‘There was a real buzz at the conference about SITORO®’s capabilities,’ he said. ‘Researchers and manufacturers are excited by the potential for our SITORO technology in their own fields of application.’

The SITORO breakthrough in recovering information from pulse pile-up has opened up significant efficiencies and new fields of application to many radiation-detection and measurement applications – including medicine, homeland security, mineral exploration and industrial analysis.

Paul’s presentation outlined the broad applications for SITORO in x-ray spectrometry, as well as detailing updated, real-time capabilities since the team presented at the last EXRS conference in Croatia in 2008.

‘People now appreciate how much SITORO can accelerate their analysis, creating value for both research and commercial applications,’ said Paul.


About Southern Innovation:
Southern Innovation develops, markets and licenses patented pulse processing technologies for the rapid, accurate detection and measurement of radiation. The company was born out of research to review suitable technologies for the accurate and rapid detection of legacy landmines. Southern Innovation’s multi-award winning SITORO® technology provides a quantum leap in the efficiency of radiation detectors, with wide application in areas such as airport baggage screening, oil exploration, mineral analysis and the early detection of cancer. For more information contact