XIA Workshop at the Australian Synchrotron

XIA Workshop at the Australian Synchrotron

On 7 March, CEO & Managing Director David Scoullar and Technical Director Paul Scoullar held a workshop at the Australian Synchrotron to demonstrate the capabilities of XIA’s new FalconX digital pulse processor Powered By SITORO® Accelerated Analysis. The workshop was co-presented by the President of XIA, Peter Grudberg.

The broad applicability of SITORO Accelerated Analysis to the x-ray analysis techniques employed by numerous synchrotrons was discussed during the presentation. This was followed by a demonstration of FalconX on the synchrotron’s X-ray Fluorescence Microprobe beamline.

The presentation and demonstration were particularly well received and Southern Innovation looks forward to presenting further workshops in Canberra as well as at several international research facilities in the coming months.

For further information, visit Southern Innovation’s Technology page or the XIA FalconX page.

Update – 26 March 2012

On Monday 26 March, the Australian Synchrotron became the first Beta customer for XIA’s FalconX digital pulse processor Powered By SITORO Accelerated Analysis. See the news article of 26 March 2012 for more details.

Update – 1 February 2014

Following the first installation of XIA’s FalconX digital pulse processor Powered By SITORO Accelerated Analysis at the Australian Synchrotron, a number of leading international synchrotrons have also adopted FalconX for digital signal processing. See the news article of 1 February 2014 for more details.


About Southern Innovation:
Southern Innovation develops, markets and licenses patented pulse processing technologies for the rapid, accurate detection and measurement of radiation. The company was born out of research to review suitable technologies for the accurate and rapid detection of legacy landmines. Southern Innovation’s multi-award winning SITORO® technology provides a quantum leap in the efficiency of radiation detectors, with wide application in areas such as airport baggage screening, oil exploration, mineral analysis and the early detection of cancer. For more information contact info@southerninnovation.com.