Breaking new ground in mining and mineral processing

Breaking new ground in mining and mineral processing

Increasingly, mining and mineral processing rely on fast and accurate materials analysis to optimise operations and increase returns. Current data processing is the limiting factor in many applications of materials analysis technologies. Southern Innovation’s SITORO® Accelerated Analysis is the gold standard in digital signal processing, overcoming many limitations to enable real-time, accurate radiation-based materials analysis for mining and mineral processing.

Southern Innovation works closely with large mining houses in Australia and overseas to research, test and develop applications of SITORO Accelerated Analysis in practical scenarios.

In a recent collaboration, Southern Innovation conducted a test and evaluation program for on-rig X-ray fluorescence analysis during production drilling. In this application SITORO delivered more accurate analysis 20x faster than the installed system.

Southern Innovation is also exploring ways to integrate SITORO into on-belt XRF and XRT analysers, PGNAA downhole logging, cross-belt PGNAA tools, and in-plant slurry analysers, all of which require fast and accurate detector data processing.

Southern Innovation’s novel multi-energy X-ray transmission scanning system is able to characterise both density and effective atomic number. Its high-volume, bulk minerals scanning capability exceeds 3,000 tonnes an hour. This technology represents a true breakthrough, providing previously unavailable elemental and mineralogical information at speeds and volumes unmatched by conventional X-ray transmission systems.

This cutting-edge technology is made possible by photon-counting, energy-resolved spectroscopy using custom X-ray detectors coupled with SITORO Accelerated Analysis. It can also be integrated into existing analytical systems.

SITORO has applications throughout the mining sector, with the potential to:

  • lower cut-off grade
  • increase mining rates
  • increase product quality
  • reduce waste and pollution
  • lower water consumption
  • lower energy consumption
  • fine-tune operational mine planning

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About Southern Innovation:
Southern Innovation develops, markets and licenses patented pulse processing technologies for the rapid, accurate detection and measurement of radiation. The company was born out of research to review suitable technologies for the accurate and rapid detection of legacy landmines. Southern Innovation’s multi-award winning SITORO® technology provides a quantum leap in the efficiency of radiation detectors, with wide application in areas such as airport baggage screening, oil exploration, mineral analysis and the early detection of cancer. For more information contact