Digital pulse processing

Southern Innovation’s  SITORO® technology represents the next generation in digital pulse processing.

Many applications of radiation detection and measurement are frustrated by the limited capabilities of traditional pulse processing electronics. In particular, distortions due to pulse pile-up including: reduced throughput; significant dead-time; and degradation of energy resolution can significantly affect detection speed and accuracy.

Traditional approaches to digital pulse processing rely on linear filtering methods which attempt to overcome pulse pile-up by reducing the pulse duration to increase throughput. This approach reduces the signal-to-noise ratio and degrades energy resolution.

SITORO’s unique Pulse Pile-up Recovery™ technology, handles pile-up events with ease. The technology decodes rather than discards pulse pile-up, employing a non-linear digital pulse processing methodology based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation. SITORO is the super-efficient digital pulse processing solution for radiation detection and measurement systems.

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Technology Papers:

Pulse Processing Electronics

Southern Innovation’s SITORO digital pulse processing electronics enables accurate characterisation of radiation events even in the presence of extremely severe pulse pile-up.

Pulse Pile-Up Recovery

Southern Innovation’s SITORO pulse pile-up recovery technology solves the systemic problem of pulse pile-up by decoding, rather than discarding data corrupted by pulse pile-up.