PET provides analysis and images of a human body’s functional biology, for example neurotransmitter pathways in the brain, and heart function. PET is acknowledged as the most effective technology for identifying and monitoring the presence and spread of cancer, even very small cancers that are undetectable using alternate technology. Images obtained using PET are derived from the pathways travelled by low-dosage, radio-labelled molecules.

Key technology drivers in the development of PET include: reducing the time required to conduct a full-body scan of a patient; and increasing the resolution image which translates to improved image resolution with lower radioisotope dosage.

Benefits of SITORO® to PET imaging applications

Gamma-ray detectors in PET scanners detect radiation emitted from within the patient. SITORO offers superior count-rate performance facilitating accelerated patient scanning by improving detector efficiency and PET image quality. Increased detector efficiency improves PET machines’ “signal-to-noise ratio”, significantly enhancing the ability to detect cancer (resolution).