Inline minerals analysis

Inline minerals analysis forms an integral component of many smelting, production or consumption processes. Inline analysis seeks to generate real-time information about the material that is being analysed. Applications for inline minerals analysis include:

  • identifying contaminant levels in bulk materials (eg sulphur levels in coal);
  • optimising mineral and ore blends prior to processing and
  • determining moisture levels.

In addition to XRF and XRD analysis technologies, inline minerals analysis utilises nuclear techniques that are not dissimilar to those employed in borehole logging. Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) uses the same gamma ray detection and analysis techniques to derive elemental composition data about the mineral or minerals that are the subject of analysis.

Benefits of SITORO® to inline minerals analysis

By significantly improving detector efficiency, SITORO is able to facilitate faster, more accurate inline minerals processing in XRF, XRD and PGNAA analysis technologies.