Multichannel Analyzer

Introducing the SITORO® multichannel analyser from Southern Innovation, a revolution in digital signal processing. SITORO is a super-efficient, multichannel analyser for high-performance material analysis applications, including synchrotron X-ray analysis, electron microscopy, industrial and lab-based X-ray fluorescence and medical imaging.

Key benefits of the SITORO multichannel analyser include:

  • faster analysis – exceptional throughput at very high input count rates
  • accurate analysis – outstanding energy resolution at high count rates
  • cutting-edge light element analysis
  • very low dead time even at high count rates
  • excellent timing resolution < 1 ns
  • excellent pulse pair resolution < 50 ns

Southern Innovation’s SITORO multichannel analyser technology handles high count-rate applications with ease, delivering faster, more accurate material analysis and classification. Our SITORO multichannel analysers use non-linear digital signal processing algorithms to decode pulse pile-up in real-time, dramatically increasing measurement efficiency and reducing measurement time. Even in environments of high radiation flux, due to the pulse pile-up recovery technology in our SITORO multichannel analysers, very low dead-time is observed.

The SITORO multichannel analyser is available for license or as an OEM module and can be easily retro-fitted to existing radiation-based material analysis systems.

For more information please download the Technology Briefing Document or email the technical team with details.

XIA FalconX Digital Signal Processor

Our licensing partner, XIA, has worked closely with Southern Innovation to implement our SITORO pulse processing technology into their range of FalconX digital pulse processors, a new generation of processing technology that can deliver analysis in a fraction of the time. Applications include high rate synchrotron X-ray analysis, such as XAFS, and high rate XRF.

Key benefits of XIA’s FalconX processor include:

  • compatible out of the box with virtually all detectors
  • light, compact and highly portable
  • intuitive software interface
  • simple setup and auto-calibration
  • list mode operation as an option
  • supports advanced digitiser mode, working as a digital oscilloscope
  • supports time-binned spectra based upon synchronised input signal
  • Gigabit Ethernet or USB2 data transfer

For more information please visit XIA’s FalconX page.

FalconX at the Australian Synchrotron

Researchers at the Australian Synchrotron led by Dr Martin de Jonge used X-ray fluorescence microprobe results, which relied on a FalconX unit Powered By SITORO Accelerated Analysis, to create a 3D reconstruction of the distribution of trace elements in an ant mandible. Ants are significant agents of ecosystem processes, and understanding their role in accumulation and movement of elemental metal can aid in development of innovative mineral prospecting methods.